The Removable Smile Veneers

So it is 2018 and there is an abundance of people wan ting to make themselves more beautiful and sexy then ever before. There are literally hundreds of different cosmetic treatments available.

One of the first things that people notice is your smile. The smile tells a thousands stories just like the eyes. One of the best things that you can do to improve your appearances is have a beautiful smile. There are many ways to do this, and depending on your current condition of your teeth and the goals that you require things can actually be done relatively easy or extremely complex.

Crowns seem to be a big choice today of dental treatments and to be fair it is probably not one of the best treatments as it requires a dentists to actually shave down your teeth into little stumps. imagine shark teeth that is what you will have and the glue and manufacture a crown ti be placed over the top of this newly ground surface which once was a healthy tooth. Now crowns could last a long time but if the margins are not right at the neck of the tooth then you can get food packing and other bacterias all around the surface and this would cause a whole host of issues from bad breath gum disease and failure of the crown. Something that also does not fit well with is you have had a totally healthy tooth destroyed it os no longer functioning normal you will always need to have a crown or treatment made from a dentist. Thinking about it veneers might not be much better as they would also damage your natural teeth. Sometimes it is just better to have maybe a clear aligner system and some tooth whitening with a little composite bonding. Tat way you keep all of your natural teeth or dentition. Think chipped teeth can be filled with the bonding and you can have your teeth up to 15 shades whiter with bleach. What could be better. Well funnily enough there is a new treatment or device that enables people to have a new smile with out any surgery, injections heck you do not even need a dentist. Before we go any further watch this.

Wow just wow. Look a complete smile transformation and they look great. The best bit is they clip over your natural teeth so as said above there is no damage. there isa few companies that offer them and the price does vary so really look into it and some appear to be lots thicker then the others so attention to detail is key. From what I have seen the process starts with a kit that you use to make models fo your mouth then you send that back to the companies and it can take a few goes to get it right then shot back relax and wait for you new smile to arrive. You can eat, sleep, drink and most importantly kiss in them. They can even be used as try in smiles.

If you are on a new smile journey bring some sass to your life and check out all of the information on all of the treatments that are o the market for you.

the video above is from Wow Smile veneers you can contact them here find out about their veneers here it appears that they also do clear aligners That being said do you own research and then go to Google and do your own searching and see if clip on veneers are for you or maybe one of the more traditional treatments like veneers, crowns dental implants etc. Maybe you could be transformed with a bleach session and some composite bonding or maybe just maybe its a clear aligner journey. What ever make sure it is right for you and get in touch with us here at untapped and let us know how it all goes we love a before and after photo.